Claire Lefevre

Auckland, 1050, New Zealand
021 024 30148
Video conferencing/Skype available
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Claire Lefevre

I work with adolescents and adults both in-person and online.
I offer a mindfulness-based approach to counselling to help people develop self-awareness and increase their range of choices, thoughts and actions.
I became interested in supporting people who grapple with eating disorders and negative self-image after reading the book “Biting the Hand that Starves You”, a narrative approach to working with eating disorders. The experience of an internal highly critical and undermining inner voice compelling a person to act in ways that limit possibilities resonated deeply. My own experience helps me guide my clients as they navigate their own journey into being more accepting and compassionate towards themselves, open to new possibilities and expand their horizon in their own creative way.

My primary modality is Psychosynthesis, a holistic modality that enables me to include body, feelings, mind and also a person’s spiritual values in the counselling work. Mindfulness is an implicit component of Psychosynthesis. I also use Mindfulness-Based CBT, a modality that promotes a goal-oriented, structured and time-bound approach and enabled me to strengthen my skills in providing effective, fast-acting relief, and identifying practical and manageable solutions with my clients.

Having access to two very different approaches enables me to tailor the work to the needs of each specific client, rather than people having to fit into one approach.

Diploma of Psychosynthesis Counselling
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certificate