Joanne Hall

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 4556, Australia
Video conferencing/Skype available
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Joanne Hall

I am a private practice dietitian and I am passionate about supporting people suffering from eating disorders and disordered eating, particularly binge eating disorder and chronic dieting.
I practice holistic, evidenced-based nutrition therapy to restore metabolic and digestive health. With my clients we first co-design a personalised care plan in a non-judgmental, compassionate manner. Together we develop regular, adequate eating patterns that initially support medical stability and cognitive function. Over time, regular and adequate food intake assists to restore normal metabolic and digestive functioning. Once established, I encourage clients to explore more variety in their food choices. Ultimately, I help clients find the joy and satisfaction in food again by eradicating food fears, enjoying social eating and developing a positive long-term relationship with food.
Recovery from an eating disorder is possible and I would like to help anyone on their journey. I have unique personal experience of eating disorders and I understand the stress and complexity of living with this illness every day. I am also interested in collaborating with other health professionals to support clients with their eating disorder recovery.

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics